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A bit unsure about a fitting?

In about 30 minutes, we can change the way you look and feel!

Coming in for the first time can be somewhat intimidating. We, at Vicanie's, love what we do and, believe it or not, a bra fitting can be fun. We start by escorting you to our private fitting rooms. We will take 2 quick measurements and this will give us our "starting" point. We'll ask you a few questions about what you are looking for in a new bra. You might be looking for an everyday basic or perhaps it's for a special occasion, specific purpose or sport. We will then bring you a selection of styles until we find just the right fit for you.

A few things to keep in mind... a new properly fitted bra may feel a little bit snugger than what you've been used to. The right fit should be snug enough to not ride up your back. As one of our fitters explained it; "It's like putting on socks and shoes, when you’ve been wearing flip just takes a few minutes to get used to it."

One size/style does not fit all. As in all types of apparel, there is no standard sizing. This means, you might be a perfect fit in a couple different sizes. Don't let this concern you, we know our lines and which ones fit tighter in the band or bigger in the cup. Try to resist classifying yourself, like "I'm a size 38C". We'd be happy to explain further and actually show you what we mean during your fitting.

There are more options than ever in bras... let Vicanie's help you discover the very best options for you!