Truly Life Changing Underwear

Saxx underwear entails maximum comfort with the softest technical fabrics. What makes Saxx underwear so special is the friction-free support from internal mesh panels hidden inside. The sleek, award-winning designs keep the men wanting more. Once a Saxx wearer, always a Saxx wearer.

We don’t currently have any items in this collection available to purchase online.

This is what the guys are saying……


“I really enjoy my Saxx underwear, the comfort exceeds that of any pair of undergarments I’ve ever owned. They are suitable for any situation, keeping me cool and maintaining a snug fit. I’ll never go back on Saxx!”

Billy Jarvis

“I love them! I won’t wear anything else! The pouch keeps me much cooler than other brands of underwear.”


“Most comfortable underwear I have ever worn.”


“The ladies love them.”


“The underwear feels good and looks good.”


“Simply the best…better than all the rest!”


“No lines under clothes. The material is cool, comfortable and very durable. Holds the Essentials securely in place. There are lots of colours and patterns to choose from. Would I ever go back to ordinary undershorts?… NEVER, in fact I plan to be buried in SAXX.”


“They last forever and are the comfiest underwear I have ever had. They are worth the investment and there is no shortage of patterns for every occasion.”


“Full disclosure: I happen to be the husband of the owner. Why should you pay attention to my testimonial then? Because I have way more experience trying out different men’s underwear than 90% of the male population. I would bet that most men are wearing the same gitch their mom gave them when they were 10 years old…why change…right? I was the same. For close to 30 years, my lady would bring home the latest and greatest designer gitch that her suppliers in the business would send home with her, hoping I would convince her to carry their product in our boutique. And for almost 30 years the boutiques my wife has been involved with have never sold men’s underwear. Why? Because I was never convinced that the latest and greatest were worth the extra money, seeing as how they were never really any different that the tidy whities I had been wearing all my life.Then came home a pair of SAXX.”