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The Basics

Your basic bra is the one you will reach for more often than not. It’s almost like a trusted friend. It can be worn under just about anything. It can be anything from a seamless, underwire, T-shirt bra, to a 3 part seamed wireless. When you wear it, you know you will be comfortable. You know it will make whatever you put on that morning look fabulous.

Seasonal Fashion

Yes bras have seasons! A few times a year our suppliers offer, one time only, fabulous colours or exclusive styles. Once you have the basics covered, this is really where things can get exciting. Imagine slipping on that beautiful lacey purple or red bra under your Saturday “around the house” clothes. You’ll feel like a million bucks. This is the time to make sure you also get that matching panty!


Congratulations! What a special time. You’re probably already seeing a lot of changes. Sometimes, one of the first things you’ll notice is your breasts feeling heavier. This is such an important time to be properly supported. You may need to change your bra size a few times throughout your pregnancy. It is not unusual for you to need to be re-fitted within the first trimester and then again mid-pregnancy. This is okay, as you’ll be able to wear these bras after your little one arrives, and you’re on your way back to your pre-pregnancy size. There are lots of options and ideas to keep you feeling the most comfortable. We suggest coming in 2 to 3 weeks before your due date, for a nursing bra, to allow for the closest fit. Having the proper fit and support can be such an integral part of successful breastfeeding, and did we mention there are some fun colours and lacey styles to choose from.


Some reports suggest that at least 73% of women who exercise regularly do not wear a sports bra. Once breasts have dropped because of stretching ligaments, nothing can naturally restore them to their original position. So why do we buy the shoes, get the workout clothes, but forget the bra? With so many different styles to accommodate the type of activity you enjoy, there’s no reason to skip this essential part of your fitness routine.

Special Occasions

We all have special occasions throughout our lives. Finding the perfect undergarment for that special day can be just as important as the outfit. We’ve all seen that gorgeous black evening gown at a gala, and the glaring white bra strap poking out. Today’s styles offer strapless bras and bustiers available to H cup. Tip….if at all possible try to get your undergarment before the dress. It really helps with dress shopping if you’ve already chosen a comfortable bra. This way you can be sure that straps and lower backs line up properly. If you already have that gorgeous dress, no problem, we just recommend that you bring the dress with you if possible.


Forget what pops into your mind when we say “control” or “shapewear”. Today’s smoothing garments can add the finishing touch to that favourite outfit. In the last few years, there has been an explosion of styles available. Many garments have wicking or cooling properties worked into the fabric to maintain your optimal core temperature. Some have boning, while others are completely seamless. The great thing is, you can have that “tucked in” feeling without feeling like you’re in some kind of contraption. We suggest trying a few different styles to decide what works best for you. Like bras, there is no such thing as one style, brand or size fits all.

Swimwear & Resortwear

One of the best things to happen in the bra industry over the last several years is the introduction of “bra sized” swimwear (we really mean it when we say bra sized). This is not the same as a size small bikini with a “claimed” D cup. These are swimsuits made by bra companies with bra sizing. We’ve all probably said it at one point or another… “why can’t I get a swimsuit to fit like my bra”. Some of us may have even gone so far as to wear our bras into those heavily chlorinated pools, only to find it fall apart shortly after. There are now several lines, and more showing up almost daily, offering this option. From a full one piece swimsuit to the cutest ruffled bikini, the choices are many. You can now have style, comfort and support. So from now on, don’t be shy, dive into that pool, or give it your all in that beach volleyball game with confidence!PS….Most lines offer amazing matching cover-ups. These are fantastic pieces to add to your wardrobe, and so many have multiple ways of wearing them. You’ll find you’re popping it over your swimsuit for that quick lunch by the pool and again later that night with a tank and sandals out for dinner.


Whether you’re planning a romantic evening, going away with your girlfriends, or just wanting to throw something comfy on after a long day at work, Vicanie’s has a wonderful selection. Silks, cottons and fabrics that wick moisture, there is something for everyone. Collections from Lusome, Cool Girl, PJ Salvage, Eberjey and Ringella; Canadian made labels like Diamond Tea and Christine Silk, you can now ditch the frumpy tee-shirt and slip into something supportive, cozy, casual, or elegant. Make your nights as special as your days!

Undercover Solutions

These are the secret gems that help make what might seem impossible, possible! Everything from body tape to bra extenders, clear straps to nipple covers, there is a solution to most wardrobe challenges.


Saxx underwear entails maximum comfort with the softest technical fabrics. What makes Saxx underwear so special is the friction-free support from internal mesh panels hidden inside. The sleek, award-winning designs keep the men wanting more. Once a Saxx wearer, always a Saxx wearer.