Care for your delicates

Taking care of your investment really doesn’t require a lot of time. It does make a huge difference in the life of your garment if you take these few easy steps.

Hand wash
your underwire bras

If you put underwire bras in the washing machine, you run the risk of warping, popping or cracking the underwire. If your bra has a foam cup, you might end up with creases in the cup (Your smooth T-shirt bra is now your lumpy bumpy T-shirt bra). Handwashing only takes a few minutes and will keep your bra looking new. Group your light colours together and soak for 15- 30 minutes using a gentle soap. Detergents can be abrasive and hard on the lycra, lace and elastics. Next, soak your darker colours. Some soaps (not detergent), like Forever New require a gentle rinse. While others, like Eucalan, are super easy, just gently press out the excess water and drip dry. Most items will dry within a few hours or overnight.


NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, EVER put your bras or panties in the dryer! We can’t stress this enough. Hang away from strong heat sources and out of direct sunlight.

Washing Machine
(if you must)

Wireless, non-padded bras and panties can go in the machine. Always use cool water and a gentle soap. Hook bras closed and place in a laundry bag. This helps to keep hooks from getting caught in the machine holes or on other delicates.

Storing your Bras

Lastly, storing your bras is the final step in proper care. Lacey, non-padded bras can be folded in half, while padded, contour, foam cups cannot! Bras, with any kind of foam, need to be stored stacked or lined up behind one another, keeping the cups inline. Organizing similar colors, starting with light to dark can help with those busy mornings when you’re looking for your favorite set.


Swimsuits also require special attention. Several styles offer support, like your favorite bra, offering underwire shaping. These need to be cared for in a similar fashion. It is imperative to always rinse the chlorine thoroughly and as soon as possible after swimming. Chlorine left sitting can quickly destroy the elastic/lycra and shorten the life of the garment. Taking these steps will ensure a long life with all your delicate choices and ensure your new purchase can perform as intended!

How Often

How often you wash delicates really depends on a few different factors. Bras should be rotated, wearing every other day to allow the elastic to “rest” between wears. Constant tension can shorten the lifespan. The general suggestion is to wash every second or third wear. In warmer weather or with sport bras you might want to wash with each wear. If you are washing your bra properly, there is no concern that over washing will damage your bra. Leaving body oils, creams and lotions sit in the garment can eventually break down the fibers. Panties (of course) should be washed after each wear.